domingo, 19 de agosto de 2007

A vez dele... II

Desta feita o desafio aos leitores é maior, porque de Mercúrio o Fc, traz-nos não um Pedro e uma Margarida, mas um Peter e uma Margaret... pois é! O seu Peter fala-nos em inglês... daí o desafio aos leitores, mas mesmo para aqueles que não se dão muito bem com a língua, tentem que vale a pena!

- Peter!! Wake up!! – Yelled Margaret from down bellow – Can you get out of bed? You lazy bastard…
- One of these days… one of these days… - said Peter to himself while hiding his head underneath the pillow
- Give me a break Marge…! My head is exploding…! - whispered Peter hoping that in some way she would listen to this pleading and just gave him another half an hour…

- PETEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!! – The woman just blazed his name as loud as she could

- Fuck this!! – Said Peter kicking the sheets away… He just sat on the edge of the bed and yelled
– I’m coming!!
- You better!! I need your help ASAP!!! I can’t tune the fuckin TV!! I have to see Ophra’s show today!! Damn this Portuguese channels!!!! – Moaned Margaret

As Peter sat on his bed he started to remember the purpose of this trip… It was supposed to be a second chance trip for him and Marge… they’ve been married for 9 years and had two kids (well the youngest one wasn’t biologically speaking his son – but he loved him as if he were). He made his mistakes in the past, so did she… they thought they were now a more mature couple who just needed some time of their own to restart their lives.

Margaret was the one who had the idea. Five days ago when he was coming home from work, Margaret was with her mother in the living room explaining to her how to operate the TV, the answering machine, the works! Peter was informed – We’re leaving town for 15 days and I called my mother to stay here and watch over the kids for us! - Peter dropped his pc in the floor and turned ghostly white… - wh..wha…whaat?!... What are you talking about???

- Peter… this was a surprise!! I’ve talked to your boss, we’re leaving tonight! We have a plane to catch to Portugal! – Said Margaret while embracing Peter with a warm smile and while she was running her hands down his back and got to his ass she grabbed him and whispered to his ear… - we’ll have 15 days to ourselves… I love you so much… - Peter didn’t know what to think… at one hand he knew that this idea was great and could mean a wonderful turnaround in their lives, but in the other hand… he just hated not be in charge, not to be the one controlling things, just the idea of it made him crazy – but the arrangements, we have to take care of a lot of things first… - said Peter

What things??.. It’s all taken care off, don’t worry a thing – said Margaret – Peter just felt a cold sweat down his spine…

This was five days ago… they’ve arrived to Arrabida last Saturday. They were just thrilled with the idea… they felt like two young lovers. When they got to the plane and sat down she gave him a look… a look like she used to give him when they started dating… as soon as the plane took of and the lights dimmed she grabbed his thigh and started pulling her hand upwards… and as soon as she got to the lump between his legs she pressed… again and again… he was getting crazy with her hand… she knew that… so she just opened his flyer and unleashed his stiff cock… she stroked him gently… so gently and yet so firmly… slowly… slowly… just the way he likes it… then she bended over him pretending to be preparing herself to sleep in his lap… so that no one would notice what she was doing… It was so nice.

- But now she’s downstairs yelling… Again!! – Said Peter to him self… - it only took 5 days!! I’m so sick of it… I have to get out! – As he was saying these words he stood at the window and had a glance of the beach…

Peter didn’t waste another second, he put on his bathing shorts and just went out the window… he felt so great! Sneaking out the window like a teenager escaping his parents…

- What a beautiful sunny day – he said to himself as he was strolling near the water way far from the crowded portion of the beach – I just should get out!! – He said to himself relating to his marriage… - it would be the best thing for me, for Marge and the kids also… we just spend too much time yelling at each other… I’m so fucking tired…

Lost in his thoughts he didn’t noticed a woman in a black bikini getting out of the water and lying in the sand… he was getting closer and closer… as he passed her something caught his eye and unfocused him from his thoughts… the woman he just passed… looks like someone he knew once… he took a quick glance at her in a way that she wouldn’t notice… she didn’t, she was with her eyes closed, one leg pulled up and with her arms away from her body… she looked like she didn’t had a worry in her life… she was so peacefully beautiful lying there… all alone, just her and the sand, that wet body at the sun…

Peter looked around, looked for her husband or someone who could be with her… no one was there… that portion of the beach was isolated… no one there, they were alone, completely alone… he noticed her stuff a few yards away, only a towel and a pair of slippers – she was defiantly alone… - but she looks like… like… Marge! – said Peter to himself… but not nowadays Marge, the long hair, the hips… it looked like Marge in the old days… at least it as what he thought at a firs glimpse… but as he turned around and double checked that she hadn’t noticed him, he took a much better look this time… the hair as curled (not like Marge), her breast was what we could call “handfullfilling” (not like Marge), her nipples were there… (not like Marge), she as tanned (not like Marge)…

He got closer… he just couldn’t think… as he was getting closer he had a glimpse of his life and asked himself… what the fuck are you doing??... think about Marge… your kids…

I don’t want to think! I need to have her… I want this woman… I need to feel alive again, I owe this to myself – He sat next to her… for a while he played with the shadows… he lift his hand and used the shadow to touch her body… she smiled with her eyes still closed… she wet her lips with her tongue as the shadow of his finger touched them… he couldn’t believe it… he was falling in love with a perfect stranger…

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  1. Gostei muito das fotos e da música... ;)

    Não sei o que me deu para escrever em Inglês (agora que releio... que vergonha... tanto erro ;) - peço desde já desculpa aos teus leitores) e quanto à Marta é claro que pode publicar ;)

  2. Não percebi muito bem este desafio gata,logo mais passo cá para ler com mais calma; vim só dizer-te que não és nada complicada,eu percebo-te MUITO bem ;),pois também me pareces uma gata sonhadora,à espera de um gato(?) eheh


  3. Fc

    Deu-te para escrever em inglês e é sempre um bom exercício... eu não conseguiria fazê-lo :P

    Apanhei 2 erros e corrigi, mas os outros não me saltaram à vista, por isso não devem ser muito grandes, que eu tb não sou expert...

    Obrigada pelo valoroso contributo e um beijo

  4. Vertigo

    Ainda bem que me percebes!
    Às vezes também sonho, mas aterro logo com os pés no chão ;-)

    Lê desde mais de trás que a história é bem gira!


  5. Migvic

    Não chamam a "silly season" ao Verão?

    Ficámos todos sillys :DDD


  6. Olá Nanny!!!
    Parabéns ao autor!

    Um beijinho

  7. Qualquer dia ainda me dá na cabeça e escrevo um excertozinho! LoL
    Caso a pensar!

  8. Gostei bastante.
    � bom falar daqulo que parece banal, mas n�o �. Faz parte das nossas vidas, ou dos nossos amigos , das nossas familias, ou das pessoas com que nos cruzamos.
    Acho excelente que desta forma possamos ver calramente o que est� no cerebro masculino, n�o esquecendo que os homens ao contr�rio do que dizem n�o sa� todos iguais, pelo contr�rio, s�o todos diferentes.
    E as mulheres?
    Porque n�o o desafio �s mulheres de fazerem o papel da mulher traida, ou o papel da outra. Porque n�o esse desafio.

    Parab�ns pela ideia.


  9. :))

    e eu bi uma ilha lá ó fundo :))

    xinhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus pa tu da lua

  10. É tudo muito giro...

    ...mas o que é que a gata tem feito? Tás boa?


  11. Olá Nanny

    uma boa desculpa para deixar a mulher.

    Gostei do texto FC, tenho pena de não o poder ter editado, porque já não o poderia fazer com seguimento e achei injusto não lhe dar o mesmo tratamento que tinha dado a todos os outros.

    Beijinhos aos dois.

  12. Nem em "português" sei escrever, quanto mais em "inglês"...

  13. um beijinho muito grande e muito obrigado pelas palavras de aconchego que deixaste em terra.


  14. Olá Nanny, bom dia!

    Vinha aqui à procura de mais novidades da história...mas pelos vistos ainda não há.

    Entretanto, deixamos-te um miminho no nosso blog e uma espécie de desafio. Espero que gostes.


  15. As manhãs vêm nas asas de um pássaro azul
    No canto de uma doce e suave brisa
    Desperto sol que no celeste viajou
    No vago que resta de uma noite de magia

    Bom fim de semana

    Profético beijo

  16. Cléo


    Obrigada pela visita e os teus cumprimentos serão aqui transmitidos ao autor.


  17. Raf

    Só a 2ª? LOL

    Nem a músiquita percebeste? hehehe

    Beijocas cachorro

  18. Isabel

    Obrigada pela tua visita.

    Se tiveres a paciência de ler um posts um pouco para trás, verás que foi daí que tudo nasceu... a Marta começou a história no feminino e desafiou-me a continuá-la, depois a dar-lhe o lado masculino e por fim desafiámos os homens para escreverem a sua visão... no entanto a qualquer momento, quem quiser pode pegar nesta história e continuar a desenvolvê-la, pela perspectiva que melhor entender :D

    Considera-te desafiada.

    Um beijinho da gata

  19. Sandra


    É a Pedra D'Anicha... no Portinho da Arrábida... fala-se dela na história.

    Beijinhos da gata para a Lua

  20. Aorta

    Obrigada :DD

    Já lá vou espreitar!


  21. Erecteu

    Isso é que é boa vida, rapaz!!!

    Só férias e não fazer nada... doce calmaria :P


  22. Maria


    Andei nos telhadinhos... a abrasar em plena Terra Quente - Trás-os-Montes :P


  23. Grão vizir

    Foi copiada do blog do FC, que escreveu este episódio :P


  24. Capitão, capitão

    Deixe-se disso, claro que sabe escrever... eheheh


  25. Cris

    Espero que estejas mais recuperada, já tenho saudades de te ler.

    Beijinhos, linda

  26. Cleo

    Já lá vou espreitar... estive fora em trabalho e só hoje regressei... quero ver se ainda esta noite publico outro belo contributo de outro desafiado :D

    Beijinhos e obrigada pelos mimos

  27. Profeta

    Sempre poético, e cheio de belas palavras.

    Um beijo, poeta


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